BearHammer VR Action RPG


Prepare Your Bear

About The Game

BearHammer is an action RPG arcade game where you wield two of the eponymous BearHammers-a weapon you can throw at your enemies and return back at will with a press of the trigger.

A bit different from other wave based games, it challenges the player to move freely throughout the game to tackle different enemies, so this isn't another wave based game where everything just comes to you--to win at BearHammer you must plan your attack and move throughout the level to stop different boss monsters from spawning more enemies.

The game features teleport controls and free motion controls, which at current time have given no players dizziness due to the game's level design that features mostly flat ground and far view of the horizon.

There are also a variety of other objectives that you will encounter along the way, including defending the Bear Village from attack, fighting enemies while riding a bear, fighting enemies while riding a dragon, and fighting some unique boss encounters that will test your limits.


Combat Waves


Unique Monsters



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